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        Expertly Synthesized Fine Chemicals

        Imagine what you could do with an experienced R&D partner at your side offering you complete support in custom chemical synthesis, including product development, project management, and scale-up expertise.

        Our fine chemicals feature:

        • Chiral intermediates synthesized on scales up to 80 MT/year per project
        • Peptide building blocks and fragments ranging in scale from 1-500 Kg/batch and in lengths from 2-16 amino acids by solution phase chemistry
        • Specialty amino acids ranging on scales from grams to low MT levels
        • Aryl, aliphatic, and chiral boronic acids and esters
        • Specialized fluorine containing building blocks which can be incorporated into a wide range of chiral molecules


        We have a deep understanding of organic synthesis in a cGMP environment and work collaboratively with our customers, forging strong relationships based upon transparency and communication.