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        ??Moisture Scavengers


        ??Using SYLOSIV? zeolite powders for water removal offers advantages in coating, paint, and adhesive applications and is not accompanied by the side effects common with other chemically active compounds.

        SYLOSIV? powders are particularly well suited for the following applications:

        • Single-component polyurethane systems
        • Dual-component polyurethane systems
        • Metallic pigments paints
        • Polymer desiccant systems
        • Carriers for chemicals

        Benefits of SYLOSIV? powders include:

        • High capacity and rate of adsorption
        • Very finely divided powder with narrow particle size distribution
        • Easily dispersible
        • Consistent quality
        • Non-toxic

        In metallic paints, water reacts with highly active metallic pigments such as zinc or aluminum to form hydrogen. Using SYLOSIV? powders in metallic pigment paints suppresses these reactions by adsorbing moisture and preventing formation of hydrogen which can lead to overpressure in the cans, and to leakage in extreme cases. For metal flake finishes, we also recommend our AL-1 and ZN1 desiccant grades.

        To select the right SYLOSIV? powder for your specific paint or coating application, please contact your Grace representative??.

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