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        ?????Inkjet Absorbents


        ?Innovations and new technologies for digital print media are constantly evolving. Higher standards in digital printing quality and economy and emerging applications require specialized print media.

        The Grace product portfolio including ?SYLOJET? SYLOID? LUDOX? Pigments for high performance inkjet c?oatings? provides a full range of products which have been used successfully to improve the ink absorption and print quality of glossy and matt coatings for:?

        • Small format, desktop inkjet printing
        • Large format industrial inkjet printing for posters, banners, architectural, CAD, films, and textiles for indoor and outdoor applications
        • Photo inkjet printing
        • Other Industrial printing applications

        Silica pigments have demonstrated their performance and compatibility with a range of ink types including: water-based dyes; and pigmented, solvent-based, eco-solvent, and oil-based inks. The sophisticated materials and customizable properties of our silica gels and colloidal silicas make Grace the company to turn to for digital media pigments and coating solutions.

        For more information about our Inkjet Absorbents, contact your Grace representative.